About Us

Full Service Firearms Company


Outlaw Tactical Arms is a full service firearms company, which is owned and operated by Greg Puthoff.  Greg has an extensive knowledge of all firearms, which started with and was aided by his tour in the United States Marine Corps back in the early 1980's.

We are a licensed dealer/manufacturer, including the sale/manufacture of NFA/Class 3 items, such as suppressors, SBR/SBS (short barrel rifles and short barrel shotguns), and pre-1986 automatic weapons. Regardless of what you've heard or what your friends have told you, you CAN OWN a suppressor for your handgun or rifle, and you CAN OWN a machine gun! The only requirements are that you can legally own a firearm and your state law allows it. Which means if you can own it, we can get one in your hands. To check your state laws on NFA/Class 3 ownership, CLICK HERE.

Whether it be for hunting, competition shooting, self-defense or just a fun and enjoyable hobby, Outlaw Tactical Arms has the weapons and firearm supplies you need! We will work hard to meet or exceed all of your expectations, with our goal being to have you as a repeat customer and recommending us to all of your friends and family.

Please, navigate around our website to find the item you're looking for, or on any of the information links for the answers to any of your questions. Also, feel free to CONTACT US with any of your questions, or with a firearm or accessory request that may not be listed on our website.

Remember, if what you're looking for is not listed on our website, you can always click on the 'GUN GENIE' link to search 1000's of firearms, ammunition, and accessories for sale.