Outlaw Tactical Arms Now Selling Body Armor!!

Body Armor Concealable

July 19, 2012

We've got some exciting news here at OUTLAW TACTICAL ARMS ..... we are now offering BODY ARMOR!! We have several different styles, with more options coming in the near future. But we wanted to get what we had out there immediately.

These vests are all NIJ Level IIIA rated, which is the HIGHEST protection available for concealable body armor. They are ultra-thin, lightweight and are durable to last even in the toughest conditions.

But that's not all....the most awesome thing about these vests is not only are they BULLET RESISTANT, they are also STAB RESISTANT!!  So not only are you protected from the gun-toteing thugs out to rob or kill you, you're also protected from the moron that brings a knife to a gun fight!! (that is if you're a concealed carry licensee like me)

So check out our STORE for the new body armor, or all of your other firearm needs!




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