How to Order Online


After you have navigated through our on line check out process using our secure shopping cart, your order will be processed, with the exception of any firearms or items needing to be sent to a FFL dealer. To check to see if the firearm you wish to purchase is legal in your state, CLICK HERE.


Next, you will need to find a FFL dealer near you to handle your firearm transfer. Outlaw Tactical Arms has provided our site with www.fflgundealers.net, or www.fflregistry.com, which can help you choose a FFL dealer near you. After you have chosen your local FFL holder, have them fax, e-mail or mail a file copy of their signed FFL license to us.

NOTE: Please have your FFL holder include your name and order #.

Fax: (513) 625-0709
Email: sales@outlawtacticalarms.com

Mail: Outlaw Tactical Arms LLC
        6587 Linton Rd.
        Goshen, OH  45122


Once your firearm purchase is complete you will receive an e-mail order conformation and tracking number. If you do not receive your order conformation within 48 hours please contact sales by e-mail at sales@outlawtacticalarms.com. Outlaw Tactical Arms will have your firearm shipped in 1-3 business days.

When your FFL holder receives the firearm they will handle all necessary paperwork, background checks, waiting periods, etc. The FFL holder charges a fee for the transaction; this fee is in addition to your firearms purchase with Outlaw Tactical Arms.



To check if the NFA/Class 3 Item you wish to purchase is legal in your state, CLICK HERE.

Once you purchase the NFA/Class 3 weapon or suppressor from us, you will need to have your local NFA/Class 3 Dealer send us a copy of their signed FFL, have them include your name and order # (see our contact information above). You can find a dealer at www.fflgundealers.net, or www.fflregistry.com. If you are having trouble locating one, let us know and we will be happy to try and connect you with a reputable dealer.

We prepare and fax the Form 3 transfer to BATF immediately, and then once the transfer clears BATF, we ship the NFA/Class 3 item to your dealer.

Your in-state dealer then prepares Form 4 paperwork, which you will sign and also have signed by the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in your locale (Sheriff, Chief of Police, State Police Chief, etc...only need for one to sign). You return the completed Form 4's to the in-state dealer, along with (2) passport size photos, (2) fingerprint cards, (1) citizenship authorization, and a transfer tax check made payable to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for the one time per item transfer tax. A $200.00 transfer tax applies to Short BBL Shotguns, Short BBL Rifles, Machine Guns and Suppressors; a $5.00 transfer tax applies to items classified as Any Other Weapons - "AOW". Your dealer will charge you a transfer fee to transfer the gun into your name. The fee varies with each dealer, and you are responsible for paying this fee, NOT Outlaw Tactical Arms LLC.

This paperwork is mailed to BATF and when this transfer clears you go pick up your gun.

FOR ALL FIREARMS: Once the FFL dealer transfers your firearm to you, the firearm is considered "used" and we will not accept returns. If there is a problem with the firearm, DO NOT COMPLETE THE TRANSFER and please call us immediately! 



• No sales tax.
You do not pay sales tax unless you live in Ohio, saving you money.

• Competitive pricing.
Due to the large volume of arms and accessories sold by Outlaw Tactical Arms, we are able to competitively price our inventory saving you money.

• Convenience
Conveniently click to order at Outlawtacticalarms.com 24/7, or call sales at (513) 324-9456 Monday-Saturday 9AM to 7PM  Eastern Standard Time.

• Selection
We at Outlaw Tactical Arms are continually adding new models and manufactures to our inventory. If it’s not in our web store, contact us and we’ll find it.



To purchase firearms at Outlaw Tactical Arms, you must be a legal resident of the United States of America, be of lawful age (18 or older to purchase long guns, 21 or older to purchase hand guns). You must be legally able to own firearms.
Outlaw Tactical Arms will only sell firearms in accordance with federal, state, and local firearm laws.

Outlaw Tactical Arms will only ship firearms to Federal Firearms License holders as dictated by law.
Only complete firearms and lower halves are subject to state restrictions. These items will only be sent to licensed FFL holders.
It is your responsibility to check your state, county and city laws to verify the firearm you purchase is in compliance with your state, county and city laws of which the order will be sent.

Upper receivers and accessories generally are not restricted and can be sent directly to the purchaser.



Federal law dictates that you must be 18 years or older to purchase shotgun ammunition, 21 years or older to purchase handgun and rifle ammunition.
Certain states require an FFL holder to transfer your ammunition purchase.
It is your responsibility to check state, county, and city law before ordering.

Due to shipping regulations ammunition cannot be shipped by air, all ammunition orders will be shipped by ground. In certain states ammunition can be shipped directly to your door. It is your responsibility to check state, county, and city law before ordering.

Ammunition and firearms must be purchased in separate orders.